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Vincent J Cataldi
Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53211 - USA

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General Assistance Medical Program (GAMP) -
Seeking answers to resolve GAMP inefficiency -
Milwaukee Wis. - GHAC

County Executive Scott Walker
- Seeking answers to resolve GAMP inefficiency -
Milw. Wis. - GHAC

Projects in this site, projects for which I fight - with peace and law behind me !
  1. ~AirWeb.Manhattan.Project

  2. ~Cyber.Attack:

  3. ~GAMP.Milwaukee

  4. ~GE.Light.Speed.CT

  5. ~Matanzas.Pass.Preserve

  6. ~Scott.Walker

  7. ~Tele.Spamm.MPD-911 03 04

  8. ~Nehring

  9. ~Nehring Evidence

Other sites which are under construction - These are hooks to fight for a not for profit Internet, Health Care Reform, General Corruption and failure of law enforcement agencies to enforce law for most citizens - in summery : I wish to Use the System to Fix the System




My favorite Quotes

These three quotes I invented to paraphrase long stories which I routinely used as motivational assistance.  These three each took ten years to condense, and were created ten years apart, taking thirty years to complete the recursive trinity lessons. 

Vincent J Cataldi - October 2006

NOTE : This site is Historical and therefore somewhat out of Date - yet I was a health care activist attracting 10 viewers daily through the GiveHealthAChance.otg site and this one, enough attention to reform the millions wasted in Milwaukee County Health Care'

My sites were stolen, I have endured endless DoS and other electronic harassment, and My efforts and attention were directed toward the Not for profit Internet II project which resulted in an active DoJ Criminal Antitrust case - which needs a butt kick to re-engage. Time Warner,  Jobie Nehring, John Nehring, Sendiks on Oakland, Milwaukee PD, State and County Courts in Wisconsin, Judge Kitty Brennen, the NYC Catholic School District, and Columbia Presbyterian Hospital are all entwined in this legal battel. - milwaukee., wi., usa
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