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2-94  - Knotting Geometry 

  • Cnotta is an evolving shape, a mechanical process.
  • It is a highly interconnected System of environments, processes solving for their own global minimum and competing with differing mechanical leverage wrt each other, and over time. 
  • These regions compete for stress reduction and flexibility.
  • Cnotta is the physical shifting of fibrous muscle tissue wrt other muscles and the firm tendons and bony support structures. 
  • The fibrous muscles slide through each other, and along each other. 
  • Sliding at key locations causes mechanical leverage to pressure the system toward continuation.

 Rules: Cats cradle technology

  • The process is the shape.  the shape is, ideally, at time zero,  two inter-twined ten by ten matrices.
  • The ten by ten is the link of fingers to toes along one side of the body. 
  • As the linkage passes through the torso it interacts with each other like helixical worm gears. 
  • This clock like mechanism is based very simple string game principals with a few modifications.
  • Cats cradle enhanced rules allow for solid and firm components as well as the string rules when building a knot. 
  • Consider the very simple example of the spine alone, although this is only possible for illustration. 
  • Its a crane with a flexible tower:
  • This tower is constructed by piling tower modules upon each other with a pivotal link both above and below,
  • it also has four columns of cording pulling down on each of the corners so that the tower can remain erect. 
  • Now imagine that these control cords are far more complex because they are actually a series of cords that entered and exited the primary cord structures at each disk. 
  • This would allow you to pull a little harder up near the top on the left, relax a bit on the right and tip the tower to the right only on the towers top and still stand erect.
  • Now back to the entire torso; the super support for the tower

Principles: The tower

  • Like an umbrella hub structure, only doubled above and below you and enclosing you like a cage,
  • the process is designed to support an upright cylinder-like structure by apply counter-balanced pulling forces evenly across the outer perimeter of the net to gain flexibility. 
  • This outer net does not support the weight of the structure, but exercises considerable control over the system with great mechanical leverage. 
  • Thus it stress the process and is also the key to resolve and unwind the process.
  • Structure Overview /  Primary Semi-Systems / Secondary semi-systems
  • Primary semi-system interaction: Phase shifting occurs when two regions each flexible three dimensional, intersects directly and can when  combined result in two regions stripped of some flexibility but each in a complimentary physical path.
  • Secondary semi-system interaction /  General Process behavior

Process behavior

  • somewhat predetermined through elimination of feasible solutions.
  • the math is simple because it is ones complement logic. 
  • The process explodes in complexity due to the super highly interconnected fibers of the system.
  • Its obeys conservation of energy laws as a mechanical process.
  • The process is discontinuous, jerky and the counter-part sub-systems increasingly slide out of phase with each other. 
  • processing continues with increasing complexity which drastically reduce the physical options at the local levels,
  • and the remaining options will store increasingly higher levels of energy before reaching their thresh-hold limits especially phase shifting. 
  • Although the effects of progression are predictable only for an individual downwardly, as the process is reversed it flows itself out naturally and predictably with great generalizations
  • The process increasingly finds the mandatory solving of each local minimum
  • it only provides system degradation and slow collapse. 
  • Extraordinary events can easily redirect the continuation of the process, but without deliberate action the process is inevitable.

Strategic Assessment Plan

  • Build simple working models which demonstrate the principals
  • Locate virtual reality to examine and manipulate the base-line image
  • Attempt to predict where directed efforts might speed up the current un-knotting process test.
  • Solve the knot
  • Capture a base-line Image - Cat (?)

Vincent J. Cataldi, Chairman

Milwaukee, Wis. 53211 - 414-276-3773

February 1, 1989

Vincent J Cataldi -- Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53202 - USA
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