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"Brown Medical School combines technologies to study the human wrist"
See cover story on page 10 : SOLIDSeptOct03.pdf

Note: This is just a concept - 
nothing proven yet!

Below is a short summary plan to objectify and actuate the benefits of a discovery I made in the late 70's. The plan below was written in the late 80's and I am still trying to reproduce and prove it, but with great success recently, I believe or hope

This is a predication, based upon insight gained from past experience which I stumbled into it blindly, searching for nothing except immediate relief.  

When I solved the 'Puzzle', I realized an easier, safer means of achievement, and today I pursue that in my free time.

It took me three months to build this short description below, but pop requested answers so I made it clear and specific; I thought he should read it rather than explain it personally and verbally.  

He was not impressed too much, but I was able to document an original, and store it in a safe, to somewhat document the trimming of the discovery and original concept, and it helps me remember what I need to do. 

Also please note that I built this as a press-release and so it is careful not to say many things.

That said, go ahead, read my plan below; help me if you can, but stay out of my way if you don't like what I am doing.  Thank You - Vjc

Vincent J. Cataldi, Chairman
Milwaukee, Wis. 53211 - 414-276-3773
February 1, 1989

Vincent J Cataldi -- Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53202 - USA
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