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salient accomplishments summary

  • Proper Parental Selection
    Do this well and all other choices are easier
  • Judo - the gentle way - Dalton Judo Club, Dalton Mass. 01226
    Patrick Cotter
  • Running - I was never supposed to walk without crutches
    Falling Up Hill
  • Travel for two years hitchhiking through 30 plus countries
    I will post some photos soon
  • Discover human puzzle knot I termed 'Cnotta'
    spent my life trying to bring it to humanity
  • Design and build an internet provider system (VanMil)
    my family and I built the internet portal first
  • Created and built an objectified 'c' language
     to create a rule based contract generator
  • Accepted as a NASA consultant to find software bugs
    documents coming
  • Designed, built transitional database transport manager (TDTM)
    and lost it all through the  911 - Deutsche Bank collapse
  • Coach, encourage, teach through example and stories
    Halliday's Friends
During the days when everyone took food stamps and government handouts, I took nothing because I realized I was exploring the frontiers as a self employed adventurer, and I figured I could always get a normal job.  That is why I never felt I deserved government help.

The government, on the other hand, took advantage of this weakness, literally stealing everything except the family home by claiming our family internet business was a hobby and therefore not a real corporation, they stole family assets owed by the first internet corporation. Search Results for 'gore internet invented first vice president'

Then, after 9-11, when the bank was blown apart, I tried to apply for assistance because my FEMA interview told me I was eligible, yet I have never gotten a response of any sort.

For ten years I have struggled to obtain health insurance to protect the remaining family assets, but I could never afford them as I was a one man shop.  Now my problems are critical and so I am forced to be indigent to get critical help.  Even so it is not helping yet.

"I know we are practicing patience and trust in a system that has systematically failed 'us"'

I find myself in an odd situation,
having purposefully to become an indigent in order to save my life, and for the first time in my life I feel crippled.


It seems to me that I can seem the sweetest humble human, or your worst nightmare; yet it is me, without change, despite outwardly conveyed perception.  I believe I return, amplified, whatever I receive.  My enemies might worry in their dreams, .while others find peace in dreams if they love me. Just a guess, but I suspect we all behave similarly.  When I must fight: make them mad, make them stupid, wait for mistake - use it.  Then help them up.


This is who mom thought I was, I'm still thinking about it.

He roars - art by mf cataldi and peom by pj cataldi

He roars,
he snores,
he largely ignores
conventions of common society.

Hes quite non-convinceable
hes not quite in-Vince-able--
a king in his easy chair throne.

With his mane of red hair
and his leonine flair,
hed not have a care
if he just had that chair:

Question on the floor,
would he more roar or more snore?

Hope you have fun
with your birthday gift son.

Happy twenty birthday!

Mom  04-04-1927 -- 04-10-2000

To me, the sweet part of this gift is the family team effort to produce the art - the gift was $50 so I could buy a good chair to work at my desk without back pain.  It's a study chair I still have and cherish.


Vincent J Cataldi Health
Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53202 - USA
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health care reform watchdog puppy
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Give Health A Chance
Health Care Reform Watchdog

I am now inspired to try to help others too.
 I hope this will help, please help me do so.

Health is my only serious concern these days.  I am making my story public to help arouse enough public attention to force change for others.


The most important thing in my life these days is my deteriorating health.

I deal with it publicly hopeful I can help many others in similarly ridiculous circumstances.


I owe thanks to a mother daughter team.  They helped me find courage enough to believe that I may be able to help many. 

We crisis-crossed  through time-space with salient timing, needing each other as we met at a moment. 

Emily Willegal - Paisley Woodside

This Milwaukee Journal article linked below was such a compliment, the most wonderful thank you I ever got, and it was the day I needed it most, same day I heard my long fought for medical scan results.  It was both my best and worst day. 
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