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Milwaukee, WI, USA

  • We worked on on-line videotex systems ( Internet ) as AT&T Information Systems first VAR in the late 1970's, during the cable franchise wars; we demonstrated the viability of interactive-cable over a twisted pair lines. We built on-line databases for Westinghouse in the early 80's as the first internet service provider. Before Source and CompuServe, there was VanMil; a local information service provider specialized in electronic publishing for retailers..
  • We developed 'Expert' systems ( Documator ) for CitiCorp's first Derivative Trading Floors in the middle and late 1980's.

Over the past 17 years we have successfully designed and developed more than a dozen major commercial software applications, managing each from concept to completion. As you will note, these projects were innovative in their solutions, and are still innovative by today's standards. References

We specialize as organizers. We analyze to find commonality, and objectify the process design by abstracting this commonality to produce elegant code which is flexible and generic because it is mostly separated from the application specifics. The resulting code-mass is simple and short, has less bugs, and is easier to design, build, maintain, and describe.

We are now seeking a new challenge. May we discuss how our particular skills and experience might meet your specific needs?

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