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Vincent J Cataldi

Guess what I see?

Project Design Architect / Software Engineer
Milwaukee, WI 53211 - (414) 276-3773


  • Project Design Architect / Lead project engineer.

  • Software Engineer: design and development

  • Business Analyst: financial, marketing, engineering

  • Organizer: find commonality in data and code

  • Communicator: quickly grasp the problem and explain the solution

  • Self-starter, learn readily from manuals

  • Concept person, abstract thinker

  • Experienced in all facets of system design and development

  • Experienced developing software designed for the future

Technical Skills

  • Languages: C, C++, Java, Visual Basic, Pascal, Basic, FORTRAN, BP2COM, and ladder logic.

  • Software Applications: professional-services invoice generators (client/server), "expert" document builder, LAN, neural network, image editor, electronic "magazine" and cartoon generator, transactional-user base and user interface, pro forma generator, residential and retail internet (videotex) field trials, retail internet (videotex) service, virtual packet communication switch based on X.25, RSTS/E management upgrade.

  • Hardware: IBM-PC compatibles, AT&T 6300, AT&T 7300, PDP-11, image-capture board, video display board, touch-screen keyboard, graphics tablet, DSU, modems, printers, digital audio board, process controller.

  • Operating Systems: Win95, NT, UNIX, MS-DOS, PC-DOS, CPM, MPM, RSTS/E, RT-11.

James A Cataldi

I can build that a bit better!

Information Technology Engineer
560 West 43rd Street, Suite 15-C
New York, New Your 10036
(212) 967-2236 - Fax (212) 564-0549


  • C and C++ Languages (C++ 3.1 for AIX/6000);

  • Structured Query Language (ANSI/ISO SQL92)

  • Oracle Server Release 7.3.2 (Pro-C 2.2.2);

  • DOS 6.0, Windows (3.1, NT, 95), UNIX (AIX 4.1.3)

Uniquely Qualified

  1. Rapid migration of data/process from mainframes to client server DBMS

  2. Flat-file inter-process communications (via ASCII & EBCDIC)

  3. Regression, structural and functional testing in highly tested systems

  4. Optimizing / simplifying complex-calculation intensive systems

Information Technology Engineer with 18+ years of end-to-end software development and project management experience, involving software-intensive hardware systems, networked databases and client server applications. Extensive experience in structured and object-oriented analysis, architecture and programming involving complex problems in diverse domains. Enhanced expertise in financial systems, and in quantitative and analytical modeling. Specializes in solving software problems (not feasibly resolvable using traditional programming techniques) by using fundamental mathematical methods of Logical Calculus (AI) and Autonomous Systems.



1699 Koshkonong Rd.Stoughton, Wisconsin 53589 - 608-873-5588

Quick study, self-motivated Quality professional with 8 years experience in test design and problem resolution in a federally regulated manufacturing environment. Excellent communications skills, careful attention to detail, organized, scientific method well understood. Developed the processes and controls of a Product Validation department where none previously existed. Reputation for integrity and hard work.


  • BS pre-med (majors: biology and art, minor: chemistry), Mount Mary College, 1975, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
  • AAS Electronics Engineering, Wisconsin School of Electronics, 1988, Outstanding Student Award, A+ average
  • certification: Certified Validation Professional through The International Validation Forum, 1996


  • Scientific method used for 8 years in the development of test plans.
  • Analytical and organizational skills used to create, implement and successfully manage a federally mandated test department, with minimal supervision.
  • Careful attention to detail used daily to document an auditable trail in a federally regulated manufacturing environment.
  • Created SOPs and documented the processes and controls mandated by ISO 9001 and GMPs.
  • Creative approach to negotiation and problem solving.
  • Decisive prioritization in an environment demanding multi-tasking.


Burdick Inc. Milton, Wisconsin (10/88 to 10/96)

(Formerly Siemens Burdick Corporation) A manufacturer of electro-mechanical cardiac medical devices worldwide sales exceeding $50 million.

Manager of Product Validation (Feb. ‘96 to 10/96)

  • Reported to Vice President of Operations.
  • Creation of the processes and controls of a product validation test department.
  • Responsible for the recommendation of release of engineering prototypes to the production floor and, subsequently, the marketplace.
  • Prevented products with failures from reaching the market place despite pressure to release products quickly.
  • No product deficits were reported through customer service that had not been reported and documented by the product validation test department prior to product release.
  • No successful product liability suits or recalls of devices tested by product validation.
  • Design of comprehensive validation test suites, based on internal product specifications, hazard analyses, federal requirements and industry-wide recognized standards (AAMI).
  • Designed internal standard for automated testing of embedded systems, LabView.
  • Through collaboration with Engineering, products were designed for testability.
  • Created ISO 9001 documentation and SOPs (standard operating procedures) for GMP environment.
  • Clearly documented test processes and results, facilitating passage through FDA and ISO audits.
  • Managed the compiling and archiving of test results and product release documentation.
  • Designed and maintained the internal defect tracking database.
  • Passed internal and external GMP and ISO audits without deviation.
  • Hired, trained and managed test lab staff; clerical, technicians and electrical engineers.
  • Negotiated with Engineering and Management for product deviation resolution.

Supervisor of Product Validation (Feb. ’93 to Feb. ‘96)

  • Professional Accountability and responsibilities as documented above.

Engineering technologist (March ‘89 to Feb. ‘93)

  • Reported to Engineering manager.
  • Began the development of the product validation process.
  • Supervised several temporary testers.
  • Built engineering prototypes.

Incoming Inspector (Oct ‘88 to March ‘89)

  • Reported to QA Supervisor.
  • Inspected and accepted/rejected received materials in accordance to company blue prints.

Self-employed artist and student (3/60 to 10/96)

  • Designed and produced stoneware clay animals.
  • Won many local awards.

Medical College of Wisconsin Milwaukee, Wisconsin (8/77 to 3/80)

  • A medical college and human life science research center.

Biochemistry technician

  • Reported to Ph.D. principal investigator.
  • Ran and analyzed the chromatographic assays necessary for the amino acid sequencing of a protein.
  • Performed enzyme assays.
  • Stocked the lab.
  • Weighed chemicals, prepared solutions.
  • Worked with analytical lab instrumentation.
  • Kept the federal NIH grant's account books.

Children’s Hospital Milwaukee, Wisconsin 9(75 to 6/77)

  • A pediatric hospital and medical research center.

Biochemistry technician

  • Reported to MD. principal investigator.
  • Standard biochemistry technician duties as documented above.


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