Vincent J. Cataldi
Project Design Architect  Software Engineer

Milwaukee, WI 53211
(414) 276-3773

Manage development projects from concept to final product.


  • Project Design Architect / Lead project engineer.
  • Software Engineer: design and development
  • Business Analyst: financial, marketing, engineering
  • Organizer: find commonality in data and code
  • Communicator: quickly grasp the problem and explain the solution
  • Self-starter, learn readily from manuals
  • Concept person, abstract thinker
  • Experienced in all facets of system design and development
  • Experienced developing software designed for the future

Technical Skills

  • Languages: C, C++, Java, Visual Basic, Pascal, Basic, FORTRAN, BP2COM, and ladder logic.
  • Software Applications: professional-services invoice generators (client/server), "expert" document builder, LAN, neural network, image editor, electronic "magazine" and cartoon generator, transactional-user base and user interface, pro forma generator, residential and retail internet (videotex) field trials, retail internet (videotex) service, virtual packet communication switch based on X.25, RSTS/E management upgrade.
  • Hardware: IBM-PC compatibles, AT&T 6300, AT&T 7300, PDP-11, image-capture board, video display board, touch-screen keyboard, graphics tablet, DSU, modems, printers, digital audio board, process controller.
  • Operating Systems: Win95, NT, UNIX, MS-DOS, PC-DOS, CPM, MPM, RSTS/E, RT-11.

Uniquely Qualified
Cost effective code: analyze to find commonality, and objectify the process design by abstracting this commonality to produce elegant code which is flexible and generic because it is mostly separated from the application specifics. The resulting code-mass is simple and short, has less bugs, and is easier to design, build, maintain, and describe.

Professional Experience

Technologies Director, Cataldi & Associates, Milwaukee, 1990 - present
Design and implement commercial projects for various clients, developing a series of Windows-based systems that incorporates C++, relational databases, embedded SQL, and case development tools.

  • Architectural Management System. Collects employee time-charges per project and per phase and automates invoices by individual or by group. Borland Database Engine allows embedded SQL via alias for multiple database and platform access transparently. Highly transportable and modifiable. Base: Microsoft Access, Visual Basic, and DLL support using C, C++.
  • Accounting Management System. Automates invoices and schedules. Base: C++, Windows, embedded SQL.
  • Substance Abuse Management System: Manages drug-testing records of employees. Base: C/C++ and DOS.
  • Legal Scheduling System: Identifies and sets legal deadlines via a rule-based scheduling system. Base: C++, Windows.
  • Classification Analysis Systems: Classifies by K-Means, Isodata, LMSE, preceptron, feed forward-back propagate neural net. Base: C, DOS.
  • Special Education Form System: Generates state-required forms. Base: C++, Windows.
  • Civil Defense Siren System: (Quatar): Installation planning and project marketing.

Software Development Director, Cataldi & Associates, Milwaukee, 1985-90.
As development director: Speeded production of complex documents by designing and developing Documator, an "expert" document-building system. Documator builds documents with assembly-line efficiency, yet inexpensively, by operating off-the-shelf third-party vendor software and merging the functions of word processors, spreadsheets, and database managers. The Documator System is easily modified to provide various businesses with:

  • Established strict programming formats, procedures, and development reports to permit learning from historic development statistics and created a proprietary objective c programming library to decrease redundancy within the code. Result over three years was increased efficiency of scheduling, developing, testing, debugging, and modifying code; development time was reduced by nearly 50%.
  • Designed 'expert' system switch with objective code design. Runtime self-configuration provides flexibility to configure easily to any document type. System builds the documents with assembly-line efficiency, yet simply and inexpensively. Easily configures to any document type. Documator is currently under license to Citibank, NY, where system has reduced production time of multiple-part banking contracts by 98% and clerical errors by 99%.
  • Developed highly-structured code and documentation and a detailed development report. Product now under license by a major bank and reduced production time of multi-part banking contract by 98% and reduced clerical errors 99% over previous production methods.
  • Trained and directed technical staff and production artists. Training covered use of the proprietary system, and database and knowledge base design.

Engineering and Technical Director, Telcom Industries, Milwaukee, 1982-85
As Engineering and Technical Director: Designed and developed a videotex system--an Internet forerunner--that provided an electronic "magazine" for residential users and a point-of-sale advertising service. Ran field trials for 18 months in Milwaukee: system demos won Teleprompter a technical award for it's cable bid and won Telcom a value-added rep agreement with AT&T. Point-of-sale field trials in Gimbels-Midwest received multinational press as industry leader and queries from as far as Paris and Sydney. Designed and developed financial pro-forma and strategic marketing plans, continually refining these documents for venture capitalists.

  • Designed and developed preliminary specifications for proprietary virtual packet switch, providing user-oriented solutions for networking, processing, and data throughput requirements for internet (videotex) system. Designed and developed cost-effective synthetic-video generator that dynamically constructs and formats information on demand, incorporating high-resolution imaging/alpha-geometric graphics and presenting them as an "electronic cartoon magazine". Mapped and directed installation and operations of hardware and software components during public trials of both applications.
  • Consulted with major department store to analyze retail-internet user requirements; Consulting continued for three years and redirected on-going field trial activity. During this period imaging technology progressed from alpha mosaic through alpha-geometric and then on to full color images.
  • Designed and developed financial pro-forma and strategic marketing plans; these plans were constantly modified over a five year period under the guidance of the worlds largest venture capitalist.
  • Designed and developed preliminary specification for a proprietary system software (VANSYS), analyzing and developing user-oriented solutions for user networking, processing, and data requirements for public and residential internet (videotex). Provided communications backbone by combining interactive virtual-packet switching and store-and-forward message switching. Designed layering to be compatible with international standards and protocols established by the International Standards Organization.
  • Designed and developed retail advertising service: a switch to generate streamed data and provide point-of-sale with synchronized audio. System operates passively and interactively through touch-screen response; it dynamically constructs and formats information on demand, incorporating high-resolution imaging and alpha-geometric graphics and presenting them in cartoon fashion.
  • Designed and developed artists workstation. This mouse controlled screen editor captures images with thousands of colors from an NTSC source, crops the image to a package size, translates the image to best-fit within a dynamically constructed color map, and loads the image with synchronization coordinates. Animation routines are sequenced and initialized from a database at runtime and when activated generate a stream of data output as an RGB signal.
  • Mapped and directed installation and operations of hardware and software components during public field trials. Ran point-of-sale field trial in major department store as holiday spectacular; received multi-national press as industry leader and received queries from as far as Paris and Sydney. Responsible for budgeting and scheduling, and coordinating thirty specialists from five organizations and two countries. Hardware specialists adopted my installation-planning format after first installation slid together 80% ahead of schedule.
  • Trained and supervised technical staff and production artists. Training covered use of the proprietary system and various third-party frame creation and graphics/image editors.
  • Ported retail system (c) from MS-DOS to Unix. Managed six month project to analyze and identify obstacles to perfect portability, to analyze throughput capacity of proprietary system running on an ATT 7300 processor under UNIX and to analyze SQL capabilities.

System Manager, Telcom Industries, Milwaukee, 1978-81
As systems Manager/Application Programmer: installed and managed computer operations of time-sharing service ( before CompuServe); designed and developed system to collect usage data toward evaluating user requirements for retail and residential internet (videotex) designed and developed software to analyze objectively statistical usage; designed and managed field trials for residential services.

  • Designed and built computer room to condition power and air, installed PDP-11 hardware. Installed and managed RSTS/E operating system. Trained office personal to use hardware and software. Designed and installed remote communications link for dial-up narrow-band and direct-connect wide-band communications. Managed archival, maintenance, and repair tasks.
  • Designed and developed non-standard RSTS/E management system to provide greater access security and user-oriented billing and resource allocation. Redefined the RSTS/E user id number to be a group name, and added user name identification. Installed users as message receivers assigned to a group specific run-time system, prohibiting 'ready' prompt until user was transferred into proper 'home' directory. Made passwords complex and collected usage statistics by 'user name'. Improved security was never breached, while governmental DEC system security remained a problem for years.
  • Designed and developed transaction-based user-interface to collect usage data. Developed methods for data analysis to determine user requirements for residential internet (videotex). Transaction base contained 20Mb of highly perishable data and over 500 interactive/multi-user applications. The perishable data was routinely updated semi-automatically for standardized formats, debugging, and centralized audit and error reporting.
  • Designed and developed system to organize usage data to evaluate user requirements for residential internet (videotex). This system assigned classifications and ratings for user requested resource to allow estimates of bandwidth requirements.
  • Mapped and directed operations of hardware and software components during public field trials. Ran residential field trial for 18 months in Milwaukee: system won a technical award during the cable franchise bidding and won a value-added rep agreement with ATT-IS.
  • Trained and supervised technical staff and production artists.

Formal Education

  • Computer Science, graduate work at UW-Milwaukee, 1992.
  • Engineering and Business, UW-Madison, 1972-1976.


  • Born 1954, single, excellent health; well traveled
  • Interests: information theory, large scale physics, and early moment physics, philosophy, international politics, puns, and symmetry, asymmetry, and virtual-knots (see Cnotta)

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