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Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker
Seeking answers to resolve GAMP inefficiency

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Seeking answers to resolve GAMP inefficiency Correspondence
Seeking answers to resolve GAMP inefficiency - Index

Seeking answers to resolve GAMP inefficiency

General Assistance Medical Program - Milwaukee
County Executive Scott Walker - GAMP Links - Milw. Wis. - GHAC

County Executive Scott Walker says:

Subject: RE: Town meetings schedules: Regarding the GAMP program - this is a program for the indigent that do not qualify for Medicare or Medicaid and have no other health insurance option. Milwaukee County is not mandated to have the GAMP program, but it was put into place after Doyne Hospital was closed to serve the indigent population.  Milwaukee County sees it as a service to its residents that need health care assistance. again this is not a mandated or required program for Milwaukee County, however, it is a program that is necessary and speaks to the core functions of county government.

Darlene J. Wink - Constituent Services Coordinator
-Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker - 414-278-4191   ----- 
Forwarded by Darlene Wink/Co Exec/Milwaukee County 
on 08/27/2003 10:39 AM -----

Health Care: in America must become more efficient
 - or people die for waste, and the politics of medicine

 The office of Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker says: "...again this is not a mandated or required program for Milwaukee County, however, it is a program that is necessary and speaks to the core functions of county government"  Human beings, in the United States of America and, deserve affordable, truly accessible, and honest Healthcare from their communities, an obligation of the community at the local level.

Executive Walker is not Walking as he's Talking, would Ryan still be Trying?
Below is my historical record of my efforts to improve efficiency within GAMP, to free up millions of wasted money, and redirect them to assist the true intended  needy.  

Below you will find 32 e-mail correspondence concerning my grievance with GAMP -- General Assistance Medical Program  Milwaukee. This correspondence begins on June 26 and ends on September 19. Despite my efforts to help them, my inquiries are still virtually unanswered, although somewhat sparingly replied to. It's turning into a bit of a mess, and I am surprised because I only wanted to help them, so I could be helped too. 

I tried to understand the inefficiencies and discrepancies between the records of communication; between GAMP and Dr. Deckard office.. I write to request a formal investigation, only because the Gamp Utilization Department instructed me to do so.

Therefore, I wrote again, and again, and again, and so on; my county executive Scott Walker refuses to respond to me, and continues to treat me like a contagious problem. Please read this series of correspondence below, to understand what is going on.  Thanks for your time.

I was so delighted that DR Deckard agreed to help me as a professional favor and referral from Dr. Dicus, they both gave me a huge favor.  I am embarrassed, insulted, and furious with the way GAMP dealt with Dr. Deckard.  Why should this specialist doctor help me for no money, piles of paper work, and the run-around; why would GAMP treat him like with complete disrespect.  I feel betrayed.

Health and Human Services for Milwaukee County


Paula A. Lucey, RN, Director of Health and Human Services for Milwaukee County, is one of Wisconsinís leading advocates for urban health and the special health care needs of the poor. In her current position, she helped develop and continues to  implement the General Assistance Medical Program (GAMP) that provides a safety net of medical care to over 25,000 Milwaukee County residents.


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For Further Information Contact:

Joseph Cooper
Paula Lucey

 Jim McGuigan

GAMP Milwaukee

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General Assistance Medical Program Milwaukee
County Executive Scott Walker - GAMP Links - Milw. Wis. - GHAC

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Tommy G. Thompson
Secretary of Health and Human Services
U.S. Department of Health and Human Services
200 Independence Avenue, S. W.
Washington, D.C.20201

Dear Mr. Secretary: 

I  write you, hopeful your office will help resolve an urgent problem.  We have a disparate health-crisis escalating in Milwaukee County.  It urgently requires your attention.  Several years ago General Assistance Medical Program (GAMP) was created when Doyne Hospital was purchased by Froedtert Hospital and the Medical College of Wisconsin, expressly to replace health services for county residents that Doyne provided historically; originally these buyers agreeing to provide specialty expertise, analysis and performance for complex medical situations. 

A skilled and experienced administrator was chosen, and she (Paula Lucey) led GAMP through its formative years, actively reaching out to develop cooperation with primary providers and hospital networks to allow low income patients access to efficient, respectful medical care.  Most specialists actively participated, and for a few years, it all worked well; it just doesn't anymore.   

Ms. Lucey is moving on, and in her wake, successful leadership is now replaced with un-caring, un-skilled, and increasingly in-experienced administrators.  GAMP is deteriorating in terms of patients served, and costs-escalation controlled.  The taxpayerís bill this year is more than 40 million.  It is now chronic, on-going crisis-management to the worst degree - and tax payers are to pay for this miserable execution, as all that's become ugly in our welfare-type medicine only worsens.  Letís rebuild, beginning as Ms. Lucey did so well, then adjust for todayís new challenges.

 We must recruit our local, skilled, knowledgeable managers to successfully achieve objectives: (such as) 

  1. Negotiate manageable fees with hospitals while decreasing costly ER usage
  2. Reduce pharmaceutical bills by increased use of generics only, co-pays and direct buy
  3. Dispense pharmaceuticals at convenient locations Ė non-profit
  4. Reestablish relations with local doctors and clinics
    reward for sensitive, efficient medically-sound care management practices
  5. Enlist specialist participation for state of the art care for complicated medical conditions
  6. Develop community out-reach channels for professional recruitment, patient education (local media)
  7. Consider building or acquiring a non-profit GAMP Hospital (centrally located)
  8. Consolidate clinics, 2 or 3 primary clinics (8 AM to 9 PM and weekends)
  9. Freeze cost-escalation, and target additional 10 million dollars annual savings


Many, many patients have been permanently damaged by delayed referrals, lack of timely response to emergencies.  This health organization has totally lost itsí focus.  It has long forgotten why it was created, to serve the sick and the poor, not to serve the employees of GAMP with benefits and excessive vacation time.  Today, instead, GAMP is rife with nepotism and cronyism. 


Vincent J Cataldi