Vince Cataldi - Milwaukee
Froedtert Hospital &
Medical College of Wisconsin:
denies access to GE Light Speed CT

General Electric Medical Systems uses Froedtert Hospital as a demo site for marketing purposes, Froedtert Hospital likely pays very little if anything for this equipment, yet it appears as though this new technology which should rewrite the protocols is being denied to needy patients, if they are indigent, in the name of protocols -- antiquated protocols.

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Subject: Fw: Froedtert Hospital: denies access to GE Light Speed CT

Please help if you can.  Thank you - Vjc
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Subject: Froedtert Hospital: denies access to GE Light Speed CT


Vincent J Cataldi -- Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53202 - USA
Current Medical Status - Journal


Vincent J. Cataldi - current medical symptoms journal - GHAC

11-12-03 SSD interview - happy for the hope

My first phone interview today, after initially applying on 10-20-03. I am hopeful because the person who worked with me seems like a person trying to help legitimate need. I am happy for this hope

11-11-03 Froedtert Hospital: denies access to GE Light Speed CT

Froedtert Hospital denied me access to the new General Electric Light Speed CT technology. Instead, they rewrote the prescription my doctor sent, changing it from a 0.625 mm scan resolution to a 2.5 mm scan resolution, without notifying me or my doctor. This is roughly one quarter the resolution and therefore 1/16 of the data, a significant change in the prescription ordered by Dr. Wetzler.

I made it to Froedtert Hospital on time, redressed into their gowns, and waited frozen in the waiting room. When they came to get me, they asked me to redress, go downstairs and talk to a financial counselor. I told them I was self-pay, yet they classified me as a GAMP indigent, and insisted I must reactivate GAMP. Although I felt this was both highly unethical and illegal, due to the urgency expressed by all my specialist doctors, I initially decided to go along with their system. I was however beginning to re-think everything.

I requested test specific information, the specific equipment and resolution of the scheduled test. My prescription requesting a 0.625 mm CT scan, specific to the General Electric Light-Speed series of CT scanners, had been altered without notice, to specify a 2.5 mm scan, 1/16 the data.

The protocol dictated this, I was told, the high-resolution equipment was used when they want to see the arteries, I was told. Besides, the protocol used to be 5 mm, so 2.5 mm should be fine, I was told. I asked how to contest the radiologist's orders to change the prescription, and was summarily told that protocol is protocol.  When I called them, I was told the machine was used to analyze an entire spine, but not yet for the entire body. Why would a protocol vary?

General Electric Medical Systems pushed the scanner technology, the protocols follow suit. I need to see the nerves as they exit the spine, I need detailed analysis in preparation for surgery, I need to evaluate change in five years when this technology will be common, and so directly comparable.  I argued this to a non-decision maker, and so the exercise only allowed me to help think it through.

I went down to see the financial counselor, who insisted that I must sign an application form she had filled out completely for me, insisting my application fee must be submitted within 10 days. I asked why, and was told I signed an application for GAMP. When I told her I was seriously considering re-scheduling my scan, hopeful to persuade the radiologist to allocate the General Electric Light Speed CT scan technology, she jumped at this technicality, advised me that it was obviously not too critical, and told me therefore I must pay 1/2 in advance, for any scans done by Froedtert Hospital. That did not even make sense unless she expected GAMP would only pay half.

If I were forced to re-activate GAMP as my primary insurance provider, GAMP will not approve this scan. I need this scan. I went as self- pay, with a critical situation, and they refuse to allow me to be self-pay. It seems likely to me that they allocated to me, resources, based upon what they believe GAMP would approve.

For the record, I do have one more concern. I signed a statement reapplying for GAMP although I was not able to read it. After signing it I asked what the heck it was, and rescinded my acceptance to re-apply, at least for now. I left the signed form with her, however, I instructed her not to send it.  I wanted time to think. I hope she behaves with fiduciary responsibility.

I am not sure what I am going to do, I am confused, but I suspect I will contest this decision with  General Electric, Froedtert Hospital, and ask HHS - Civil Rights Division, asking them to broaden their investigation being conducted on my behalf, to include Froedtert Hospital as well.

General Electric Medical Systems uses Froedtert Hospital as a demo site for marketing purposes, Froedtert Hospital likely pays very little if anything for this equipment, yet it appears as though this new technology which should rewrite the protocols is being denied to needy patients, if they are indigent, in the name of protocols -- antiquated protocols.

11-05-03: High Resolution CT scan scheduled
0.625 mm CT Scan scheduled at 11/11/03     after a year of trying... 


Is there any significance in the fact that after a year of battle with the medicrats, your scan is scheduled for ARMISTICE Day?

Wonderful news, keep us informed!



My Reaction .625 mm CT scan scheduled - - 365 Smiles!


11-04-03: High Resolution CT scan requested

Dear Dr. Wetzler:


I need a timely high-resolution CT scan of my spine to provide an accurate picture of my current situation, to prepare the surgeon for possible surgery. I also need such a scan to provide a base-line to monitor changes in my spine that may occur over time.


My research indicates that the highest resolution CT scans are available only at Froedert Hospital with their GE Light Speed Pro, or Light Speed 16 machines, each capable of providing 0.625 mm slices.


I need a prescription from you ordering this high-resolution CT scan of my entire spine. You will recall that I've been advised by doctors Wooten, Deckard, Dicus, and Oelke, that I must not delay unduly lest additional injury occur. Waiting has been frustrating. You can fax a prescription ordering a CT scan of my entire spine (0.625 mm slices) to the Froedtert Hospital radiology department at 805-3777.

Since I talked to you last, my sister, Marifran Cataldi, an employee of the UltraVisual Medical Systems, has prevailed on her company to except the electronic data of my scan and make it available for easy viewing by physicians of my choosing. Once in this conveniently available database form, at UltraVisual, I hope to persuade Dr Gary Wendt (UW Hospital - radiology) and Dr Paul Nagy (radiology - Froedtert Hospital and staff - Medical College Wisconsin), to take a quick look at the data (image) on my behalf. Both of these physicians have been aware of my situation for months.

Please let me know if I can help in advancing my cause.


Vincent J. Cataldi


10-20-03: SS Disability Applied for

Phone Interview scheduled for 11-12-03 at 1:30 PM.


Wisconsin United for Health Foundation
Charles I. Henderson, Davis & Kuelthau

Dear Sir:

This beautiful, 20 page, four color, high gloss, advertising brochure was given to me because it describes the high quality services of the Neurosciences Center at Froedtert-Medical College.  This 'Special Report to the Community' touts the non-profit mission status of this world class medical complex, and I was delighted to read it, hopeful the services described therein would soon be accessible to me.  Then another friend gave me a second copy, and within a week I had six, and began to thankfully refuse any more.  This caused me to rethink my initial reaction.

This is an incredibly high quality product, expensive for sure, heavy so it was not cheap even to mail at tax payer expense, and it seems that everyone got one, South Milwaukee, East Side, Mequon, Oconomowoc, each addressed 'To Our Neighbors at'; it was a bulk mailing, not even selective mailing.  Why? For whom is this designed to benefit, how many were built and distributed, what did it truly cost, where are they now, in landfills?  Using the internet, the message could have been created and disseminated at very little cost. This allocation of resources is misplaced in my mind, and surely demonstrates the medical complex is not really broke, just inefficient. 

Since the state insurance commissioner ordered that nearly 600 million dollars be "paid back" to the citizens of the state, I believe these are important questions to ask, as the issues make me question the judgment of the decision process which elected to allocated the resources, at a time when there are not resources enough to help the indigent. 

"paid back"  to the citizens of the state', should mean the people, especially the needy.  Please insist the repayment helps the most needy, as directly as possible.

The Medical College of Wisconsin and the UW Medical School have left out Wisconsin's uninsured in their plans to spend hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars, earmarked to improve the health of the state's citizens. These nearly 600 million dollars are a result of Blue Cross Blue Shield's conversion from a non-profit, tax-exempt organization to a for-profit company. The state insurance commissioner ordered that the company stock be "paid back" to the citizens of the state because while Blue Cross and Blue Shield was tax-exempt, they built their now for-profit company off the backs of taxpayers.  - Wisconsin Citizen Action

Sincerely  - Vincent J. Cataldi


Health and Human Services for Milwaukee County

Paula A. Lucey, RN, Director of Health and Human Services for Milwaukee County, is one of Wisconsin’s leading advocates for urban health and the special health care needs of the poor. In her current position, she helped develop and continues to  implement the General Assistance Medical Program (GAMP) that provides a safety net of medical care to over 25,000 Milwaukee County residents.


Medical College of Wisconsin logo

Copyright © 2003 
Medical College of Wisconsin

For Further Information Contact:

Joseph Cooper
Paula Lucey


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Subject: Fw: Reduced Health Costs you made it possible. Thank you my friends!

No guts, no glory. 

At least I will go down in history.  Teach a coarse or something.
See Nehring link first, it is all new. 

My example to all others too. (With audio)  I think I see this through, it feels too quaky to ignore.

Funny enough, Nehring, as you will see under his link, help by forcing my hand, and he blocks 3 of my email addresses.  I went to a webmail to send under health.reform @sbc..., and I closed the program and sent three draft copies to myself by total surprise.  The funny part is every one got three copies and Nehring too.  Then I went to me and re-sent the corrected one to all again with my name they know. Hope they don't think I am mad.  I tried so hard to be nice.
Had to protect myself from the cops anyway
- don't worry, read on and the audio hits the spot like a desert before dinner.


Courage - vjc

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Subject: Fw: Reduced Health Costs you made it possible. Thank you my friends!




Reduced Health Costs:
you made it possible.
Thank you my friends!

1 Scott Walker
2. Senators Kohl, Feingold , and Gore
3, Froedert and the Medical College
4. Nehring Family Business
5. Wisconsin Governor Doyle
6. Secretary Thompson
Reduce health costs: good for the small-business, the individual, medium and large distributors, health care providers and distributors, and our political leaders who serve with conviction through example to enrich those they serve. It seemed like such a dream, for so long just beyond our grasp, but now we can reach it!

Thank you all for your participation and support, and I thank you and applaud you in advance, for even more contributions towards this effort, which I expect we can finally realize. Individually, I have negotiated with each of you, brief but intense negotiations which quickly lead to a better understanding, and individually we all now realize that slight repositioning of priorities will allow us to achieve what we all want, need, and desire so dearly.

This is the first time I introduce you to each other as my team, a team I chose by following my heart. I believe in you. I know we can do it, I know we can win. Some of you sacrificed by readjusting your schedules and priorities with little advanced warning, some of you accommodated the inconvenience only with personal sacrifice. Some of you paid more than others, even if it was expended political capital, but in some way we all pay the price, and we should rejoice that inevitable victory is just around the corner.

I'll introduce you, not ordered by the personal sacrifices you've made, or even alphabetically; I'll introduce you in order to most easily introduce each of you to each other, all at the same time.

We are compelled to join forces, I insist.

1. County Executive Walker is our backbone toward actualization: he joins the project because I challenge him to convey a grand jury, for only then will my ethics allow me to show him several millions of annual waste within Gamp which is being purposefully hidden from him; his political survival depends on it, or he fails the leadership-quality test for re-election.

2. Senator Kohl and Senator Feingold . from the great state of Wisconsin, and Senator Gore too, as we feel the need to provide highly visible leadership through example, and power within the Federal Congress. Forcing an improved ethics in our Federal system is important to them, to all of us as well. Your ethics are earned, and ones most valuable asset, role model leadership with ethics is critical for the on-going stability of our very culture since only the US can ensure our continuation as a nation able to protect freedom.

3. Froedert and the medical College and their partnership with GE Medical. I am especially proud of this group for several reasons. I remember Jack Welsh well, and loved GE (and GE Med) all my life. I remember dining with him at my home years ago, I was about to enter first grade. We moved to Milwaukee when pop came to run the first of the medical systems - pacemaker - which split off from x-ray at the time.

I look forward to this participation. I also know Jack is looking for meaning activities as a new chapter in his life begins, and I will ask pop to invite his advice.

Froedert and the Medical college hold in trust 600 million of the peoples money directed for poor and elderly, realizing just now that the first proposed allocation of these funds needs an adjustment - serving the community is their passion and contractual obligation.  I am most pleased about this success because I have not told them yet.

4. The Nehhring Family Businesses. A proud member of our community , this shining example of enterprise and job creation brings stubborn determination and vast knowledge. He is too often torn ethically, and pained to inflict health insurance costs on employees.  His decisions should not need to effect his very existence and survival as a viable business. Health costs must be controlled and lowered - and he is a fighter, but his greatest value is down to earth insightful solutions. He is a bottom up problem solver, as am I.

5  Two others in our group deserve special, mention but need no introduction. Governor Doyle of the great state of Wisconsin hasn't enough time to solve all the problems we face all by himself. He is why I assembled our group.

He reached out to help a critically needy stranger because the story, and desperateness of the situation touched his heart. That stranger was me, I love him and I love the courage he has chosen to exercise to dismantle waste demanded by congress to reward the pharmaceutical and insurance lobbies, and assure their power with re-election.

I owe this man, and I respect this Governor, my Governor. I am helping as much as I can, as he labors to help us all with efficiency, and a bit of defiance too, as sometimes it is required to appease his ethics.

Lastly, and ironically HHS Secretary Tommy G Thompson. This is ironic as he spearheaded the earliest reform efforts and served a leadership role drafting the National Governors Association Health Care Reform Policy HR-32.

It is also ironic because he made it possible for my beloved Governor to continue a non-stop tradition of US reform, fighting for efficiency, from Wisconsin. I have never spoken to him, but have recently appealed to him for help, acting from his powerful position to help Milwaukee first, before he comes home to Wisconsin, not to retire, but to start something new. Think of the potential value if his help continues even after he leaves public federal service.

1 Scott Walker
2. Senators Kohl, Feingold , and Gore
3, Froedert and the Medical College
4. Nehring Family Business
5. Wisconsin Governor Doyle
6. Secretary Thompson
7.  I Am

Introduce yourselves, check out the links above to understand negotiated positions. Chat among your selves, fine tune the plan; I will be unable to provide continuous leadership for medical reasons. You must developed a working relationship with each other so we act well as a team, even if I must watch from the side lines at times.

I am so pleased. I see critical mass - this can't fail, unless you all bolt ship. Any one who leaves will be pressured back by the others who still have spirit. No one can be spirited all the time. No one can make the best decision each time, all of us straddle what is right and what is viable. As a team we can overcome individual weaknesses and grow, supporting any dispirited core-group members.

I have enjoyed working with you and look forward to our future and the honest self-pride we will earn.


Vincent J Cataldi


Initially define and implement the TGT Audit Standard.  Eventually seek to achieve all terms of the National Governors Association Policies, see

Tommy G. Thompson
Secretary of Health and Human Services
U.S. Department of Health and Human Services
200 Independence Avenue, S. W.
Washington, D.C.20201
Telephone: 202-619-0257
Toll Free: 1-877-696-6775
Vincent J Cataldi
1651 N. Farwell Ave. 
Apartment. #110
Milwaukee, WI.  52302
eFax: 262-364-3999

Dear Mr.  Secretary:

1 - I write to request that you scrutinize and then help us regain control of Milwaukee Health System (MCHS) costs, so our poor county residents have reasonable health-care possibilities.  I believe you can help many if you will: a) re-examine legitimacy of using  Froedtert Hospital and the Medical College of Wisconsin (MCM) to redistribute indigent bound HHS funds, for redistribution, b) analyze and determine a productivity-quotient for GAMP operations – cost-efficiency analysis protocol, c) compel GAMP to honor HIPPA laws and my request to release my patient information, d) help state's achieve increased rights to allow NGA HR-32 goals, and e) establish an upgraded HHS Audit Standard.

Scrutinize federal funds flowing into our MCHS, and use your authority to regain control of this flow. These funds are desperately needed now, yet virtually all these charitable funds are siphoned-dry prematurely; as the mighty Colorado River is sucked dry before reaching its’ destination, Mexico’s Pacific Ocean. Despite lavish federal, state and county funds flowing in, MCHS exhibits no apparent desire to help, even to help desperate medical conditions.  Locally, resources appear primarily to support managing bureaucrats and hospitals high-margin profit centers.

I believe scrutiny will reveal ubiquitous diversion of funds is significant, unnecessary, and defies intent of Congress.  These precious flows of charitable-responsibility are consumed before reaching desperate patients as intended. Congress provides this flow as a critical, common-sense US investment in ourselves, yet locally its’ application routinely sacrifices health for lack of resources. If my situation and experience in Milwaukee is nationally representative, I must contend that to increase health-care efficiency is an increasingly critical National Security Issue.

2 - My experience and health care professionals, including Robert J. Wetzler MD instruct me, and thus I discovered an abhorrently illogical, wasteful, and in-equitable situation which is at best an imprudent use of well-meaning federal funds.  I am one of the growing masses who fell through the crack, into a personal health care crisis; a chilling glacial crevasse from down here.  I earned too much for income assistance, yet too little for disability benefits.  Uninsurable, my only recourse was to become an indigent.  Even then, indigent health care eligibility required a diagnosis first.  I have struggled for more than three years now, to define my critical spinal problem, as I worsen, and likely, my cost to survive increases.  Surgery is urgently recommended, yet my problem is not defined yet.  How can this happen in the richest, most powerful country in the world? 

I attack inequity, waste and ridiculousness.  I fight for efficiency of an accountable, equitable public health sector.  I fight problems I stumble over, to help others behind me, though I do fear possible retribution.  My friends and family believe I may be compromising the long term quality and perhaps length of my life, by rocking the boat too much.  I feel strongly that I must fight however, because I believe I can improve things somewhat; and a small percentage improvement in efficiency will produce huge benefits statistically, actually, immediately, and freely. 

3a - Froedtert Hospital and Medical College of Wisconsin (MCW), as a team, publish booklets of services offered to poor, yet in practice their clinics have not admitted a new patient in three years, ‘look elsewhere’, they told me.  Despite lavish funding flowing from your department, they no longer serve our community despite historic obligations.        Instead they positioned themselves to deny underinsured and uninsured all access to medicine, except their costly ER services.  Froedtert Hospital, serves as a General Electric Medical Systems demo-site, with uniquely high quality CT technology, yet they refuse me access, self-pay.  Froedtert Hospital and MCW recently made a deal with BCBS for 600 million dollars when a court ordered the 'peoples money to be returned because BCBS became for-profit, yet no flow of these funds is allocated for underinsured and uninsured patient care. 

3b - GAMP is completely ineffective for me as well. It took 8 month for acceptance, then six months to get an urgently required diagnostic MRI scan. This approval also required helpful intervention from Governor Doyle  Experienced, effective leadership has left or been pushed aside, and now GAMP behaves without accounting even to duly elected county administrators, I am told  GAMP is equipped with beautiful new desk and lap-top that listens, yet nothing gets done.  Decision makers earn more money if they say no, or don't say yes; so they do nothing and personally profit.  .

Medical professionals ideally would serve a balanced mix of well-insured and uninsured, but this is not happening.  Many doctors won’t tolerate wasted time and abuse from GAMP, while earning nothing too.  Medical professionals, who endure to help indigents, are swamped, so specialize to serve indigents.  These kind doctors some times spend retirement funds, and battle bureaucracies, to provide health care; still they often are thwarted and seriously frustrated. 

4a – Executive Walker wrote me, “Regarding the GAMP program - this is a program for the indigent that do not qualify for Medicare or Medicaid and have no other health insurance option. Milwaukee County is not mandated to have the GAMP program, but it was put into place after Doyne Hospital was closed to serve the indigent population.  Milwaukee County sees it as a service to its residents that need health care assistance.  Again this is not a mandated or required program for Milwaukee County, however, it is a program that is necessary and speaks to the core functions of county government.”  Froedert Hospital and MCW bought Doyne Hospital, and now renege on their obligation to replace its’ specialized patient care.  Does it still make sense to funnel health funds for indigents through this group?

4b&c - I request, as GAMP suggested, an investigation of GAMP accountability concerning me.  Governor Doyle intervened on my behalf, starting a series of 32 emails with GAMP and Executive Walker.  I received no meaningful response.  I asked simple questions, and received only non-answers.  I offered to provide cost-efficiency analysis without charge.  Still, I received no response.  I requested legally my patient records to analyze my GAMP data.  GAMP operations manager, Bridget Murray, denies its’ existence.  HIPAA laws blatantly, repeatedly are ignored.

For summary details concerning my GAMP complaints, please contact Lisa M Simeone, Regional Manager, Health and Human Services - Office for Civil Rights, ref. # 16632.  Complete, continually updated details are also available: and 


4d - ‘‘, based around the National Governors Association (NGA) HR-32 - Health Care Reform Policy, petitions to mandate 100% reimbursement to states, for all federally mandated medical costs.  Therein also, I petition to increase states rights to improve insurance risk of indigents by commingling the uninsurable into inter-state, and state supported pools.  This will achieve volume-power medical discounts, routine for all but the individual, small businesses, and our poorest.  Without US insurance and pharmaceutical lobbies to battle, our neighbor uses bulk-purchasing so well, now massive ‘US-created legal-drug’ traffic comes back home, from Canada.  Please support NGA and our united governors’ efforts, to achieve the increased efficiencies HR-32 goals provide. 

4e - Current technology allows you significantly to improve accountability and cost-efficiency of health funds spent, using a proven-developed audit process that looks at a hospital bill to access data quality hospitals engineer into a bill, and tests it for reasonability.  Statistically, 90% of hospital bills have an 11% overcharge; some are much worse rising to the level of fraud.  Establish an upgraded HHS Audit Standard to document waste and release a significant flow of funds very quickly, cost free.  Start in Milwaukee, your own back yard; benefits can rapidly spread nation wide, then throughout the private health sector, and other public sectors also. 

5 – County Executive Walker likely is unaware of GAMPs imprudent activities, powerless to influence the MCW and Froedert hospital, and he refuses to acknowledge my appeals; so I ask for your intervening help.  You fought entrenched waste, you sparked a revolutionary evolution of the federal welfare system as Governor of Wisconsin, yet your authority over the Milwaukee County health care system was limited.  Your advantage here is that you know it's a problem, you know its politics, you know its people, you know its victims.  As Secretary of Health and Human Services, you now have power to remedy this national health-security issue, not only here, but everywhere we waste federal dollars.  As a Badger you should want to start here, as a Republican, you have a huge political opportunity. 



Vincent J Cataldi

Vincent J Cataldi Health
Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53202 - USA
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I am now inspired to try to help others too.  I hope this will help, please help me do so.

Health is my only serious concern these days.  I am making my story public to help arouse enough public attention to force change for others.


The most important thing in my life these days is my deteriorating health.

I deal with it publicly hopeful I can help many others in similarly ridiculous circumstances.

I owe thanks to a mother daughter team.  They helped me find courage enough to believe that I may be able to help many. 

We crisis-crossed  through time-space with salient timing, needing each other as we met at a moment. 

Emily Willegal - Paisley Woodside

This Milwaukee Journal article linked below was such a compliment, the most wonderful thank you I ever got, and it was the day I needed it most, same day I heard my long fought for medical scan results.  It was both my best and worst day. 
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These three quotes I invented to paraphrase long stories which I routinely used as motivational assistance.  These three each took ten years to condense, and were created ten years apart, taking thirty years to complete the recursive trinity lessons. 

Vincent J Cataldi - October 2006




Tommy G. Thompson
Secretary of Health and Human Services
U.S. Department of Health and Human Services
200 Independence Avenue, S. W.
Washington, D.C.20201

Dear Mr. Secretary: 

I  write you, hopeful your office will help resolve an urgent problem.  We have a disparate health-crisis escalating in Milwaukee County.  It urgently requires your attention.  Several years ago General Assistance Medical Program (GAMP) was created when Doyne Hospital was purchased by Froedtert Hospital and the Medical College of Wisconsin, expressly to replace health services for county residents that Doyne provided historically; originally these buyers agreeing to provide specialty expertise, analysis and performance for complex medical situations. 

A skilled and experienced administrator was chosen, and she (Paula Lucey) led GAMP through its formative years, actively reaching out to develop cooperation with primary providers and hospital networks to allow low income patients access to efficient, respectful medical care.  Most specialists actively participated, and for a few years, it all worked well; it just doesn't anymore.   

Ms. Lucey is moving on, and in her wake, successful leadership is now replaced with un-caring, un-skilled, and increasingly in-experienced administrators.  GAMP is deteriorating in terms of patients served, and costs-escalation controlled.  The taxpayer’s bill this year is more than 40 million.  It is now chronic, on-going crisis-management to the worst degree - and tax payers are to pay for this miserable execution, as all that's become ugly in our welfare-type medicine only worsens.  Let’s rebuild, beginning as Ms. Lucey did so well, then adjust for today’s new challenges.

 We must recruit our local, skilled, knowledgeable managers to successfully achieve objectives: (such as) 

  1. Negotiate manageable fees with hospitals while decreasing costly ER usage
  2. Reduce pharmaceutical bills by increased use of generics only, co-pays and direct buy
  3. Dispense pharmaceuticals at convenient locations – non-profit
  4. Reestablish relations with local doctors and clinics
    reward for sensitive, efficient medically-sound care management practices
  5. Enlist specialist participation for state of the art care for complicated medical conditions
  6. Develop community out-reach channels for professional recruitment, patient education (local media)
  7. Consider building or acquiring a non-profit GAMP Hospital (centrally located)
  8. Consolidate clinics, 2 or 3 primary clinics (8 AM to 9 PM and weekends)
  9. Freeze cost-escalation, and target additional 10 million dollars annual savings


Many, many patients have been permanently damaged by delayed referrals, lack of timely response to emergencies.  This health organization has totally lost its’ focus.  It has long forgotten why it was created, to serve the sick and the poor, not to serve the employees of GAMP with benefits and excessive vacation time.  Today, instead, GAMP is rife with nepotism and cronyism. 


Vincent J Cataldi