Tele-Spamm.MPD 911 03-04



Vincent J Cataldi
Disability discrimination, refusing to protect
Illegal search and detainment to search
winging civil disobedience on the fly

I found myself forced to civil disobedience to gain the attention I require.  I made Election commercials on 911 audio tape at a bit of a risk, documented publicly - Health Care Efficiency - as the election issue.  I did so while insisting they come to verify I was sober, alert, sane, non-aggressive, happy, physically wobbly and weak. 

I called perhaps a dozen times, asking: "How many times do I have to call 911 with an non-emergency issue before I am arrested and allowed desperately needed medical care from Froedert Hospital as a convicted murderer can do so easily"., as many times as I could per call.  This was only after the first calls with refusal to take any action, they refused to accept my insistent request to press charges, repeatedly, during two separate events two days apart. I will get to the bottom, and understand all.  Now I want tapes made public.

All I could get them to say was 'there was no one in charge at night'.  Got a couple to say that.  By the fourth call I was warning, "careful, don't say anything, I'll just get you in trouble, just listen, please". 

They all stumbled, as I joked them through this, they thought I was nuts. I thought they were, I told them what I was doing and they let me go on so long; must have come for damage control. 

I was Health Crisis Showboating - a sheepish dog a pony & show on 911 audio tape.  Can not wait to get my copies.  Get yours too. I  had to SPAM through 911, they had no email. This is interactive spamming man.

In 1980, or so, I Tele-Spammed DEC corporate headquarters, and it failed - and the regional vp from Chicago was awakened off my office floor at 4 am, to fix the ddamm machine.  So easy today - I remember the good old days when spamming was an art. 

  'Tele-Spamm MPD-911 03-04' on Cd,  Check back for availability, often.  'Tele-Spamm MPD-911 03-04', all 12 volumes for 25 cents, I'll even throw iall my 911 calls for last 20 years - archive collection - 'Tele-Spamm MPD-911 03-04',  you pay shipping or come here to get them FREE.

I said FEE and you can trust me.
I wouldn't alive if I lied. 
Tell your friends. Don't forget

 'Tele-Spamm MPD-911 03-04' on Cd, 

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Please, put me on your list - OK. we will.

collateral damage

Escalation to serious police malpractice, dwarfs all earlier problems, and some others, friends, were hurt in this journey.  I hate war, it is uncontrollable. I felt forced to my actions.

I am dedicated to seek compensation for my friends who got caught up in this zoo as a result, and I offer deepest regret.  I will not accept one dollar, but I want change: THE AUDIT PLAN

poor little sheep
who lost their way
blaaa, blaaa, blaaa
James Shepard 414-935-7250 MPD

Milwaukee Police Department infected with mad ewe disease. NIH reports two possible sources: virus introduced to the flock via 911 spamming (oral), and a staff infection from ewe know who, but ewe saw that coming.

Be on the lookout for downer ewes, do your civic duty, report the wobbly as downers.  Don't be sheepish, hoof it for help.  Mad ewe disease is outrageous and contagious.

Don't let them in the system, eventually you will get holes in your head and become wobbly too.  Corral mad ewes, down them, or flock them in the basement.

Disability discrimination by police refusing to protect against disability discrimination with physical contact, this is the first sign of holes the mutton heads, and suggests a real downer.  Illegal detainment and searching makes them look wobbly, mad ewe gyro quest.

Sad paradox  - the cops blew this into a massive circus with systemic failure;  I was in self-protect mode and tried not to harm the officer, or hurt myself.  Self protection forced civil disobedience to prevent future problems.  Gently I rammed it down their throat, I am sure they had a bull session back at the 'corral moral'.

 I called Shepard directly the first time  and asked the confused officer be immediately and sternly warned; refusal sent me up to 911, and in turn to IA.  Immediate action was no longer possible I was told, these investigations take time.  If I can not stomp fast, I will stomp hard. 

Two days later again: ask for help from Shepard, 911 no IA, civil disobedience. How do you protect yourself from disability discrimination from the police department, while demanding they protect you from disability discrimination with assaulting physical contact?  I must probe ewe know who to see what's up.

Professionalism I found only in the three officers who came to my home.  One stupid error only.  Upon leaving I bent down and picked up the evidence I left under the door mat.  I handed it to Alpha EwE and said this is evidence, ewe refused to 'touch' it.  I threw it on his hoofs and backed to sit in the lobby. 

I did not want him to accidentally step on evidence.  Alpha EwE, gets an A-, the others get an A+ and three cheers.


Alphe EwE:   lowered him to a B- and that is a favor.  Too much illegal searching, and disregard for personal property. I immediately and repeatedly insisted no search was authorized, and I knew only if in sight is no search warrant required.

I gave latitude when Alpha EwE popped out of another room with an antique rabbit gun.  He dropped and left on the floor the case he illegally opened, despite repeated insistent commands that he had no permission. 

I ask where he was, and he popped his head around the corner at waist height, grinning like a kid just caught.  I did not get hurt and I pushed to get them here, so I let it go, but I cut him loose when I find my camera open - no security issue here. Lets test for fingerprints, see what else ewe opened.

I would not have mentioned this but for the camera! , it was also how  I knew I had power to throw evidence on his feet.  Symbolically spitting on him with a smile,   That's when I got the ticket, and finally won..  He crossed the line, standing below me on the moral high ground. he looked shorter than when he came in.  - 04-15-04



Alphe EwE self-secures on camera: I figured out what you did, NO grade, expelled.  Ba Ba Bad ewe; mad ewe mad?  The camera was open because power was off, and you could not close it,  It is as you left it, 180 degrees swiveled on the tri-pod. 

You wanted to verify your behavior was not on tape. That's why you forced me out of the apartment, so you could search behind my back.  I was physically detained in my apartment and then forced and detained out of my apartment to allow an illegal search. Then the camera! MAN, you really did leave evidence behind! What else did ewe open? 

911 audio tapes claim check


help me, don't hurt me


Introduction to the 'Nehring War'

The politics of medicine:
disability discrimination - solution through litigation

  1. Why did the police begin to use Police Power to affect change after hearing one side of a dangerous situation; with threats of physical and legal harm. and as federally disabled and protected by these laws, why did they join forces with the attackers, to officially protect the bullies against the feeble victim?
  2. Why take such risk, why share privileged information, and did they deal with the egregious judge, the Nehring counsel as officer of the court, or the Nehring's directly?
  3. Ironically, if the hanging judge had allowed me to present evidence the Nehring perjury testimony would likely have lessened. 
  4. What were the stories told by Nehring's? 
  5. Who did they speak to at police department?
  6. Why take it from City police to state court venue? 
  7. Why did a friend serve me; as he was working at Halliday's, reporting to Jobie at same business; is this not normally a duty of an officer of the court? 
  8. Who was on charge during the 911 calls night. 
  9. How many 911 operators were working this night? 
  10. How many of them remember talking to, and how often each. 
  11. Who was in charge that night? 
  12. Who sent the three officers to me that night? 
  13. Who made the request to ticket me for half a dozen calls. 
  14. What is the chain of custody for physical tapes recording 911 calls? 
  15. Was this a day light savings time switch night?
  16. What paper work was made regarding this matter or related matters?
  17. Who was working at the IA department on my second official complaint, same day as the call to Fire and Police Commission?
  18. What data remains or was created when shot gun serial number was checked for wants and warrants. 
  19. Did the officer (Alpha EwE call 911 from 'same phone' to prove it was the same phone, or was this an excuse to do further searching only?
  20. Why did the police send a second (replacement) ticket.
  21. When the last three officers finally came for the second complaint, why did they not log it into the computer?
  22. What did these three officers do with the web site print outs which they requested to keep?
  23. Did the first three offices or the second three officers create official or unofficial paperwork? 
  24. If so, what?
  25. Did the report first appear after second ticket was issued?
  26.  Do the ticket numbers show a normal correlation with dates before and after for both tickets issued? 
  27. Does the County or city have the tapes?
  28. Did any county official communicate with any city official,  MPD? 
  29. Did police report that there were tow long guns which they found, and searched for serial numbers?
  30. Did they discuss why they left the guns with me as purely defensive reasons?
  31. Did officers report that they all touched the guns and even took the antique apart? 
  32. Was anything written that contradicts leaving the guns; any reports of anger, drunkenness, lack of cooperation or courtesy?
  33. Who was working at Captain Shepard's office that morning when I called? 
  34. Who was listening as I asked for help and was put on speaker phone with many laughing at me as I asked for help? 
  35. Who was in charge that morning at Captain Shepard's office? 
  36. when did Shepard first hear of this situation? 
  37. When did he become of his web site blog?
  38. What action did Shepard do if anything? 
  39. Why did he not return my call requesting his time to talk? 
  40. Did any officer talk to Brennen about me?
  41. Who sent the second three officers, and why three?
  42. What paperwork was produced because of their investigation?
  43. What is required to get White Collar and Internet Crime Department return call messages left on their answering machine? 
  44. Did Officer Wells request that they call me?
  45. Is it normal to be ignored if the FBI directed me to the MPD, and I made this very clear?
  46.  If fingerprints are found on a gun or on a video camera, does this contradict any police officer statement?
  47. What is the time line of the three officers before and after visits to me on Farwell (both sets of three)?
  48. What were the second pack of officers told as they came to take an official complaint? How many appearances before police and or state judicial meetings or hearings, or phone calls or faxes or emails or memos or reports? 
  49. What records should have been created? 
  50. What data was created or can be found? 
  51. How does this compare to normal appearances?
  52. Did anyone threaten, implicitly or explicitly, Wells regarding me and or her potential promotion?
  53. Have any of the 6 officers who came to push me around have any citizens complaints or other official misbehavior records? 
  54. Same question for the Internal Affairs personal working the day I called for the 911 calls? 
  55. Same question for the 9111 operators who worked that evening, and the supervisor in hiding (or superior)?
  56. Are there any friendships among the MPD, Internal Affairs, 911 operators, Judge Kitty Brennen, Nehring (any) or council? 
  57. Who spoke to me on the phone inside the Brennen staff; gave me directions to submit evidence, and request expanding scope, time to get witnesses, and legal professional help, and who refused to schedule in thru afternoon to accommodate my disabilities? 
  58. Why was she so angry after learning who I was? 
  59. What conduct did the Nehring charge me with? 
  60. Who was sitting in the whiteness box awaiting a jury trial during the hearing I attended? 
  61. Who sat in the box during all hearings I did not attend? 
  62. How many hearings were held without my knowledge? 
  63. Were there plans to act in my absence if I did not become aware of the complaint?

back to sanity, reality, morality

Vincent J Cataldi
Fighting for Health Care Reform
Fighting for My Life

Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53202 - USA


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This is who mom thought I was, I'm still thinking about it.

He roars - art by mf cataldi and peom by pj cataldi

He roars,
he snores,
he largely ignores
conventions of common society.

He�s quite non-convinceable
he�s not quite in-Vince-able--
a king in his easy chair throne.

With his mane of red hair
and his leonine flair,
he�d not have a care
if he just had that chair:

Question on the floor,
would he more roar or more snore?

Hope you have fun
with your birthday gift son.

Happy twenty birthday!

Mom  04-04-1927 -- 04-10-2000

To me, the sweet part of this gift is the family team effort to produce the art - the gift was $50 so I could buy a good chair to work at my desk without back pain.  It's a study chair I still have and cherish.
It seems to me that I can seem the sweetest humble human, or your worst nightmare; yet it is me, without change, despite outwardly conveyed perception.  I believe I return, amplified, whatever I receive. 

My enemies might worry in their dreams, .while others find peace in dreams if they love me. Just a guess, but I suspect we all behave similarly. 

When I must fight: tell the truth and get outrageous, make them mad, make them stupid fast,  wait for their mistake, raise the pot limit plus, - seek opportunity, use it fast, then help them up.  Speed minimizes damage overall.

Several times in my life, forced to physical defense, I wondered what I did to win? No one ever hurt, no one ever hit, I helped them up with my handshake.  Judo is my automatic self-defense mode. The cops got in my fray, uninvited, through unprovoked stupidity.  Focus diverted to target of greatest potential to build not destroy, so I took them down - and next I'll pick them up; way too easy, how did I do that?

is this humor


Point your political enemies up to
'Checkmate'.  I am you off-shore protector.  Tell them I am coming on the noon train; but don't tell them when.  If they take the time to look, and want a fight, I will schedule a week for you alone.
Drag them to my 'pass' site - I was foaming, but my promises, and double bits choked me back, for now. - with love enZo
(you are loosing your grip Katie.  I upgraded some.)
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John: 'Wrong, it's a ten,'  - enZo
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Please forward to Tommy G Thompson too, I am not sure I saw his vote?  - vince


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